" I had seen different therapists over the past several years and my work with Michele has been the most effective. Her therapeutic approach is unique, interactive, and unlike anything I have ever experienced. In just a few sessions with Michele, I was able to identify specific problem areas in my life and we went to work immediately on those issues using EFT. I sat on my last therapist's couch for two years and never felt like anything was being accomplished. The amount of work I have done in the last few months with Michele is astonishing. She is a wonderful therapist and coach and I feel fortunate to have been introduced to her. "


Danielle A,



" In just a few short months I have felt a significant sense of clarity and calm in the important areas of my life that I wasn't able to before Tapping/EFT sessions with Michele Vallone.  Working with Michele is always a special experience.  She has an intuition, understanding and kindness and makes every session her personal mission to bring healing to my life.  She has an empathy which feels like I have talking to a lifelong friend but when paired with her experience it is as though she is reading my mind. Michele always introduces new tools and techniques that make all the difference to ignite change.  The feeling of growth doesn't just end when the session ends, Michele says "Here is your homework and here is what you need to do !"  She helps me set my goals and structures how to make them work.  With every session I feel like we are digging deeper to clear old patterns and limiting beliefs.  I am so grateful that I met Michele at this point in my life. "


Regina G.



 I came to see Michele when I was at the lowest possible point in my life. I was going through a very difficult time and was in a custody battle for my children. I was in a fog and had a huge weight on my chest the first day I walked into her office. She helped me process things and understand what I was going through, which allowed me to make healthy decisions. I also learned tapping through one of Michele's recent workshops and it has really helped me feel less anxious and more level. I think the world of Michele and don't know where I would be if I didn't have her by my side helping me through my divorce. "


Michael G.



 " For over 8 years I suffered from anxiety and panic over my fear of driving, especially on highways. My world was becoming smaller and smaller. I had seen countless therapists, and had lost hope and felt immobilized until I met Michele and began addressing my fears using EFT and tapping. She used a very hands-on approach of actually driving with me to evaluate my experience and taught me ways to effectively address and manage my anxiety.  No one had ever done that before. Michele has been very supportive and through our sessions, I can honestly say that I have become much more confident and have been able to drive distances feeling more secure.  Although, I am still a "work in progress", I am thankful to Michele and I can now see light at the end of the tunnel, and I look forward to becoming even more independence through the use of tapping."


Maggie M.



" I found Michele on the Tapping Solution site, and I am so glad I did. I was going through a very stressful time trying to manage a long-distance relationship, a demanding new job, health issues and challenging situations with aging parents and my siblings. I was overwhelmed !  Michele's coaching style using EFT and her genuine, caring ways helped me to learn much about myself and how I could enhance my life and create abundance in my relationhips and my career. I can't say enough about Tapping and what it has done for me. I also love the flexibility of being able to Skype my sessions while away on business. I can't recommend Michele highly enough, she is truly a skilled and gifted EFT practitioner "


Robert T.



" Over the past two years my life has taken many twists and turns.  Michele became a big part of my life during this time, bringing her expertise and insight to aid me in managing my ever changing circumstances.  When tapping was introduced to me, I was at first skeptical,  but the visceral reaction my body had to it was incredible !  It felt as if I was finally releasing the emotional and physical pain that had been blocking me and holding me back.  The power of tapping at first overwhelmed me, but it didn't stop me from continuing and learning to use this technique to work though my issues, and I also like that I  am able to practice independently.  Tapping is something that comforts and reminds me that I will be ok, and that my feelings can't hurt me because I hold the power, not my emotions." 


Allison H.

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