October 18, 2018

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GRATITUDE....The New "G" Spot.

November 17, 2017

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GRATITUDE....The New "G" Spot.

November 17, 2017




 I have often said, "The one thing an individual can do to change the course of everything in their life, yes everything , is to express a sense of gratitude."  And, it doesn't matter what it is that you are grateful for, just let your gratitude flow !


Responses to my mantra has included..." Well, I'm not sure I have anything to be grateful for lately. "  To this, I usually respond with a quizzical look, a head tilt and a  " Really ? Nothing at all ? "  I have been told by clients that they don't like their job ( even though they have one ) or they are not able to afford the bigger house they wanted ( but, still have a roof over their head and can pay their mortgage ) or it is costing them a fortune to pay their kid's tuition  ( their healthy, beautiful, well-adjusted, vibrant child ) or they are annoyed that the barista made their de-caf, half-skim/half-soy, reduced foam, mocha-caramel cappuccino incorrectly ( kinda nice that you can drop $5 bucks on a cup of coffee, 3 times a day, wouldn't ya say ? )


The expression of gratitude is not only reserved for the big ticket items, the extravagant indulgences or the high octane events in our life.  Reasons to express gratitude exists all around us...each moment...every day.


Did you wake up this morning in a warm home, put on nice clothes, drink clean water and eat breakfast ? Guess what ? You are ahead of a large percentage of the world's population.  Don't believe me ? Google the statistics.  The universe doesn't care what you are grateful for, it just picks up on the energetic vibration that you are grateful at all.  Guess what "IT"  ( the Universe ) does when it feels your grateful energy ?  "IT" wants to bring along more things for you to be grateful for. Yes, that is correct !  "IT"  just loves to bring you gifts...all kinds of gifts !  Opportunity, relationships, good-health, financial abundance. Got a wish list ? No ? Make one and start putting in your order, because you need to be very specific on your desires. The Universe doesn't understand the concept of "random" or "broad strokes".  Want a job ? What kind of job ? Doing what ? Where is it located ? What does your office look like ? How much money are you making ? Envision your co-workers. Really zone in and think like it is already yours. That's another thing the Universe likes...creative visualization !   Involve yourself in the process. Ever ask a kid, "what do you want for your birthday or Christmas ?" They will tell you the item, the color, the shape of the box, the accessories that go with it, where you can buy it and every other detail you need to know so you can find it, making it really easy for you to ensure delivery. You have all the specifics you need to make it happen. Well, the Universe wants to hear what you want...and don't leave out a thing !

Think I am pulling your leg ?  Let's try a little two-part experiment. 


Part one: Tomorrow morning when you get up, I want you to think negative thoughts. Yes, negative thoughts ( Normally, I would not encourage this, but don't worry, It's only temporary ! ) I don't like my husband/wife, this house is too small, my job sucks, my childhood was a mess, my boss is a jerk, my kids drain me, I hate walking the dog... whatever you can find to be miserable about, think about it and keep it up. I would be curious to know what your life looks like by 5 p.m.  I'm fairly certain it's going to be kinda dark...and it won't have anything to do with daylight savings time. What did you manifest for yourself today ? Not much ? Gee, I wonder why ?


Oh, and by the way, before you go to bed, let it all go and tell yourself  " Tomorrow is 

" DO-OVER  DAY " ( great thing about life, we get to create new beginnings each day )


Part two: The following day when you get up and your feet hit the floor...start thinking nothing but positive thoughts ( just do it ! ) and they don't have to all be home-runs, focus on the little things... my slippers feel so soft, that hot shower was amazing, I love the outfit I am wearing, give that cranky neighbor a big shout-out " good morning ! ", buy the guy next to you in the coffee shop a latte and say  " On me, have a great day ! ",  let somebody else take the parking space...just do anything and everything positive you can think of. Then, do a check in with yourself at 5 p.m.   If I had to wager a bet, I would say that the energy and responses YOU created for yourself would feel pretty damn good, if not, downright amazing. All because you went from a place of scarcity and wanting, to a place of abundance and gratitude.  Sounds Pollyanna ? Maybe. But, when you have the power to create whatever it is you want for yourself, why not choose circumstances and things that you can be grateful for ?   Makes sense in theory right ? I mean why would anyone choose to be miserable ?

Well, that's another blog, another day.


A sense of gratitude, in and of itself, is simple. It is an incredibly powerful feeling, tool and philosophy that can change the course of your destiny.  And you thought it was the Ferrari, the million-dollar home, the perfect partner, the designer wardrobe, the designer dog ( yep, they have 'em ) and all the other extraneous effects. Nope, it's all about what lies within.


So, when you are on Latte number three for the day...tip the barista ( generously, of course ) take a breath, contemplate your blessings and eat your scone with a side of gratitude. Then, see what starts to percolate.  Coffee anyone ?

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